The first Tower class is added to the schedule

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! We offer private lessons for Pilates, as well as duets if you would like to try Pilates with a friend or family member. To schedule a private or duet session, click here to go to our online schedule and enter your availability. You may also call us at (480) 820-7200.


How many classes do you offer?

There are 80+ classes per week, including nights and weekends! Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, there is a class for you! Browse our class schedule by clicking here.

​​​​​​​​​Kris Zahn adopts existing Pilates Studio

Yoga is added to the schedule

How many teachers are there?

We have 10 teachers who teach Pilates, barre, yoga, TRX, and LifeStretch. Our teachers also offer private massage services. Read about our teachers on our staff page.

Studio expands to three studio rooms



What are your hours?

Monday:  8:15am-8:15pm

Tuesday:  7:00am-8:15pm

Wednesday:  6:00am-8:15pm

Thursday:  7:00am-8:15pm

Friday:  7:15am-1:15pm

Saturday:  7:15am-12:15pm

(Please see our schedule for class times)

Pilates Mat, Barre, & TRX® are added to the studio


​​Studio is rebranded as Pilates Tempe


Pilates Tempe Timeline

Pilates Tempe celebrates its 9th year!


The first LifeStretch® class is offered


About Pilates Tempe

Pilates Tempe is a reformer Pilates studio that offers both group classes and private lessons in affordable monthly no-contract packages. With 80+ classes per week and specialized services, we have proudly been serving the Tempe area for 9+ years. We love Arizona and we love our clients!


Pilates Tempe moves to a new location


What classes & services do you offer?

Reformer Pilates

Mat Pilates

Tower Pilates



Hatha Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Naam Yoga



Private Lessons

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Thai Massage

Prenatal Massage