Is Pilates right for me?

Pilates is for everyone, and we truly stand behind this belief. All of our teachers are equipped with the stills to teach all ages and abilities. From kids to teenagers to young adults to older adults, we believe that Pilates can be beneficial, no matter where you are in your journey. Before Pilates, many of our clients had suffered injuries, had surgery, or were experiencing pain and Pilates has allowed them to gain back their strength and freedom. If you haven't tried Pilates before, we ask that you sign up for our FREE Personal Consultation to prepare you for what you may experience during a Pilates class. For more information on the benefits of Pilates, check out our Why Pilates? page.

What is a Free Personal Consultation?
The Free Personal Consultation is a complementary 60-minute private session with a teacher, offered to new clients of Pilates Tempe. For those who have never tried Pilates, this workout session teaches you how to properly use a Pilates Reformer, how to do some of the most common Pilates exercises, and how to get the most out of a Pilates class. Your teacher will work with you individually using Pilates equipment to ensure that your body is aligned and your muscles are properly engaged. Please note that if you register for the Free Personal Consultation, you are ineligible for the FUNdamentals Program.

What is the FUNdamentals Program?
The FUNdamentals Program is offered to new clients of Pilates Tempe. This program consists of five (5) classes designed for beginners to learn all aspects of Pilates, how to avoid injury, and teach you how to get the most our of your workout. The first class is broken into two parts: the first half explains Pilates and your body and the other half is an actual workout on the Reformer apparatus. The following four (4) classes are complete workouts: the second class is half mat and half Reformer apparatus, the third and fourth are Reformer, and the fifth is Tower. This program occurs on specific dates and registration is required. To register, please call the studio for current program times and dates and to register. Please note that if you register for the FUNdamentals Program, you are ineligible for the Free Personal Consultation.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Never! We are a contract-free studio - this means you pay per package and are never under any obligation to re-purchase. We do offer automated payments for our clients who wish to continually purchase. Please contact us if you would like to set up this service.

How do I schedule/purchase a class or private appointment?

You are able to purchase services and make reservations by going to our online schedule. You will be prompted to create an account once you attempt to register for a class or make an appointment. We can also schedule and purchase packages for you over the phone or in the studio.

What if I can't make it to my class or private appointment?

We understand that life happens. If you decide that you cannot attend a class or private appointment that you have previously registered for, please early cancel your reservation no later than 4 hours before your class and no later than 24 hoursbefore your appointment to avoid losing your purchase. All cancellations after this time are considered late and you will be charged as if you had attended. Please note that no attempt to cancel or contact the studio will result in a no-show charge of $10 in addition to losing the class.

What should I wear/bring to the studio?
You'll be moving so athletic attire is best. Your clothing should allow for full range of motion - avoid tight sleeves and pants that don't allow for stretch. We encourage all clients to be bare-footed on the Pilates reformers, but Pilates socks that grip are always welcome. Fragrances are discouraged out of respect to other clients. All equipment, towels, water and personal toiletries are provided and there are cubbies in each room for all of your personal belongings.