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What is Pilates (pi – LAH – teez)? 

Pilates is a unique system of stabilizing, strengthening and stretching exercises  developed over 70 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates.  He used his system to rehabilitate patients during WWI.  He attached springs to the hospital beds to help support and strengthen his patients.  These spring-based exercises became the basis for the “Reformer.”  Pilates came to the US in 1926 and began his lifelong work training dancers and athletes in New York City. 

What kind of results can be achieved with these workouts?

The combination of strengthening, cardiovascular and lengthening exercises develops long, lean muscles, improves posture, increases metabolism and adds flexibility to the spine.  Pilates changes body composition (muscle to fat ratio).  It attacks excess bulk in the hips and thighs and tightens the body’s core muscles for rock-hard abs.  Our clients consistently report a significant loss of inches from attending three sessions per week.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Total Fitness
Pilates is an intelligent approach to  fitness — it addresses your muscle firing patterns, joint range of motion, core support and overall muscle strength.  

Weight Loss 
Learn how to change your body  composition with gentle yet powerful exercises.  Over time, convert fat to lean muscle mass. 

Easily stretch all your muscles throughout the routines while strengthening at the same time. 

Back Strength
Learn how to change the way you back responds to day-to-day activities.  Educate your neuro-muscular system to respond with the appropriate protective core muscle action. 

Our clients tell us how their posture has changed and that they can “lift and move freely.” 

Pre-Postnatal Fitness
During pregnancy and  post-partum you need to train the muscles of the pelvic floor and condition the deep layers of abdominal and back muscles to improve recovery and decrease lower back pain. 

  • Strengthen the spine for support during pregnancy 

  • Ease labor

  • Speed postpartum recovery and weight loss 

Athletic Performance
For the casual or professional athlete, Pilates will decrease injury and improve  performance.  Programs are tailored to the individual and their objectives. The results include: 

  • Increase in active range of motion strength 

  • Improvements in muscle symmetry (i.e., balancing dominant muscle patterns)

  • Increased awareness of movement habits (proprioception)

  • Movement efficiency and power Extreme core strength and overall muscle endurance

Senior Fitness

Feeling strong and healthy are key factors to aging.  There are many fitness gimmicks and programs that do not address the issues of aging.  We focus on issues like spine degeneration, pelvic floor thinning, pulmonary function (deep diaphragmatic breathing), flexibility and we also help you strengthen your day-to-day movements.

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  • You will be requested to complete a medical history form. 

  • You will learn about breathing techniques and various muscles used during Pilates. Questions are encouraged. 

  • Please step outside the studio to make a phone call.

  • Towels/toiletries/water is available.

  • This is your time! Clear your mind and forget the challenges you encountered during the day.

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