Thank you for choosing Pilates Tempe! 

We regret we could not create a set of policies that would please everybody, so instead we have done our best to create a set of policies that "level the playing field" for all of our clients. When these policies are adhered to without exception and enforced, all clients are treated equally.  We feel that this is the only way to be fair to all our clients. Thank you for understanding!


  • If you are new to Pilates, you may either complete a FREE Personal Consultationto familiarize you with the reformer and our studio OR you may sign up for our FUNdamentals Program (you cannot choose both!)

  • You are able to guarantee your space in any class by signing up online.  Click here to access our schedule.  (If you haven’t already created an account, you’ll be prompted when booking a session.) 

  • Please remember to cancel any class for which you have registered if you are unable to attend. Both early and late cancellations can be accomplished through the schedule or by calling the studio.

    • Early cancellation ends four (4) hours prior to class. 

    • Late cancellation starts four (4) hours prior to class and ends 30-minutes prior to class.

    • No-shows include classes that you do not early or late cancel 30-minutes prior to class, and also do not attend. You will be charged for that session and will incur a $10 no-show fee.

  • Please be aware of the expiration date of your monthly purchase and use all of your sessions before that date. Please do not request extensions!

    • We are more than happy to transfer either one unused class (from 8 class packs) or two unused classes (from 12 class packs) into your next consecutive month's purchase (of equal or greater value).

  • Please note that packages are not refundable and are only transferable to immediate family members.

  • Class will not be cancelled if there is a client registered. 

  • Classes with no registrations four (4) hours before the scheduled meeting time will be cancelled and the teacher will be released. (The 6 am class must have at least one (1) registration by 10pm the previous evening!)

  • Pilates Tempe is a cell phone-free zone.  Please turn them off in the studio or step out to hold conversations. 

  • Please do not arrive later than five (5) minutes after class begins.  This is disruptive to other clients as well as the teacher who is concerned with your proper warm up.  

  • Please clean all equipment with which you have had contact using the provided solution.

  • Clear your mind and forget the challenges you encountered during the day.  This is YOUR time!